Civilians rounded up for rally to support NC in Kengtung Logo of BNI Civilians rounded up for rally to support NC in Kengtung   News - S.H.A.N. Friday, 05 Octob 個人信貸er 2007 Vendors and farmers in eastern Shan state were rounded up at gun point by junta authorities to mak 宜蘭民宿e them available for a mass rally to support the National Convention on October 1, said a border source.The people were picked 賣屋 up from the roads by soldiers between Kengtung and Tarchilake Road on the night of September 30. They took the arrested civilians to the rall 酒店經紀y to support the NC in Kengtung on Oct 1. The SPDC wants to tell the world that civilians support the NC. "They cancelled the trip to Kengtung on Septemb 房地產er 30. We started to go out early in the morning on October 1. Soldiers arrested street vendors and farmers at gun point," said a Tarchilake local who attended the ral 房地產ly.Besides, about 40 migrants, who were sent back to Tarchilake by Mae Sai's Thai immigration officials were also forced to attend rally supporting the NC in Kengtung. Though SPDC autho 土地買賣rities said that they would provide rice for lunch they only distributed a small packet of sticky-rice for each person without curry and drinking water."Those sticky-rice packages were from locals i 太平洋房屋n Kengtung. On the day, house shops and market shops were closed in Kengtung. Only elderly people and children stayed at home. Middle-aged and young people had to go to the rally. Township security was tightened," sa ARMANIid a Kengtung local.About 100 people who were threatened and arrested to attend the rally were released after the rally concluded at noon. A rally to support NC was been held in Taunggyi on October 5, a source from southern Shan state sa 裝潢id.  .


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